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App development

We can create an innovative and user-friendly mobile application that strengthens your presence, engages your users, and enhances your competitiveness in the digital market.

Create your own app with Develit

Do you need help developing an app for iOS, Android, or Windows? At Develit, you gain expertise from app developers with many years of experience and extensive skills in app development.

"We specialize in creating mobile applications and solutions that operate seamlessly on both iOS and Android, thanks to modern tools such as Flutter and React Native. This enables the development of an app that can be used across operating systems, reducing both development time and maintenance costs."

A tailored process for app development

At Develit, we employ a structured and entirely tailored process for app development. We begin by meticulously analyzing your needs and objectives to formulate a strategy that aligns with your specific requirements. Prioritizing an understanding of your business and target audience, we design and develop an app that best fulfills their needs.

Technical expertise and the latest technologies

Our team of experienced developers leverages the latest technologies and frameworks such as React Native, Flutter, and Ionic to build high-performance apps that operate seamlessly on both iOS and Android operating systems. We also have expertise in integrating advanced features like APIs, cloud services, and security solutions to ensure that your app is robust and secure.

Testing and quality assurance

A thorough testing process is essential to deliver a flawless app. We implement various testing methods, such as automated testing and manual review, to identify and fix any issues. Our quality assurance also includes performance testing and security review, to ensure a fast, stable and secure app that meets all user requirements and expectations.

Why a mobile app?

Today, it is more common than uncommon for established businesses to have their own mobile app, a direct result of the prevalent use of mobile devices. A mobile application brings numerous advantages and can have a positive impact on both the visibility and profitability of a business. Moreover, a mobile app serves as an effective complement to a mobile-responsive website.


From app idea to reality

Do you have a fantastic idea for an app? Our app developers assist you with everything from concept and UX to design and prototype, collaboratively turning your app idea into reality. When developing apps, we always prioritize the end user's experience, and to achieve that, it's crucial to start right. As experienced app developers, we pay close attention to details and work through the process step by step, from concept all the way to the final product and maintenance.

Develop an app for your growing business

By developing an app for your growing business, you can not only enhance your customer's experience but also increase your efficiency and productivity. We work closely with you to identify your needs and design an app that meets your requirements. Whether you want to streamline internal processes, enhance customer communication, or reach a broader audience, we can help you realize your vision and expand your business.


From concept to prototype

When you decide to collaborate with us at Develit to develop your app, you can expect comprehensive support and guidance throughout the entire process. A crucial phase in this collaboration is creating a prototype, enabling a thorough understanding of the mobile application before the actual development commences. In other words, we assist you not only in bringing your idea to life but also in constructing a functional prototype in a user-friendly graphical form. This ensures that you gain a clear and optimal understanding of how your mobile application will function and appear before it reaches end-users.

Backend development for mobile applications

In addition to taking care of the frontend, which includes concept, appearance, and functionality, our app developers naturally also handle the backend aspect. Modern apps require the exchange, management, and storage of information provided by your users. To provide a mobile application with such capabilities, a backend solution is needed. This solution communicates with the app through APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) and stores all information in databases, securing file archives on one or more servers, as well as distributed cloud solutions with serverless technologies.

Integrate BankID, Swish, Maps, and more

Do you want to incorporate features such as BankID, Swish, or Google Maps in your app? Our app developers can assist you in integrating most third-party services. Utilizing well-known payment solutions and security services not only enhances usability but also instills a sense of security for your customers.

We keep your app updated and fresh

Once the app is ready, our app developers are there, as needed, to support the next phase: operation and maintenance. This is a crucial phase as Google and Apple continuously release updates to their operating systems, which can affect the app's functionality. Market dynamics may also change, new features may need implementation, and perhaps a fresh design is desired over time. It's, therefore, a good idea to have a long-term partner for maintenance and further development, something we at Develit always provide.

Why should you choose us?

We are a team with extensive experience in the IT industry, capable of helping you create user-friendly systems and build up your profitable businesses. With our focus on service, deep technical expertise, and competitive pricing, we can turn your ideas into modern and functional products. We work under confidentiality - all communication (phone, email, meeting) remains between us.

GDPR-compliant solutions

All our development and data management are conducted in accordance with the GDPR law. This means, among other things, that all information is stored on our servers in Sweden. When we initiate a collaboration, we prepare a Data Processing Agreement (DPA) to ensure that guidelines and regulations are followed.


More about our processes

Here you can read more about our system development and the processes that have been established and refined together with our customers over decades of experience.

Customer Case Study

Discover more about how our customers experience collaborating with us.


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Any questions or concerns?

Our representatives are always available to answer your questions and assist you in navigating through your development goals.