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Web Development

We specialize in all types of web development, both for cloud-based environments and on-premises servers. Whether it's smaller monolithic applications or resource-intensive, distributed, and balanced systems, we have the expertise to deliver high-quality solutions that fit your needs perfectly.

We assist you with web development

Tired of wasting time on manual routines that can easily be automated and digitized? Frustrated with using outdated local applications that are no longer updated? Facing unnecessary complexity and features in your workflow that don't suit you? Wishing to work securely and flexibly, no matter where in the world you are? With our tailor-made digital solutions, you can make your work efficient and seamless, fully customized to your needs and preferences. Let us help you unlock your potential and take your business to the next level.

With our experience and expertise in system and web development, we can help you create powerful and user-friendly systems and websites. We work closely with you to understand your goals and requirements, and then craft a tailored plan that fits your specific needs and budget. Whether you need to develop an internal corporate system, an e-commerce platform, or a web application, you can trust us to deliver a smooth and successful development process. We take care of everything from analysis and design to implementation and testing, ensuring that you are involved in every step of the process.

A tailored web development process

At Develit, we employ a structured and entirely customized web development process. We begin by carefully analyzing your needs and objectives to create a strategy that aligns with your specific requirements. Our priority is to understand your business and your target audience to design and develop a website that best fulfills their needs.

Technical Expertise + Latest Technologies

Our team of experienced developers master a diversity of programming languages and technologies, including PHP, Python, Java, and C#. We utilize the latest frameworks and tools such as Laravel, Spring Boot, Django, and others to create high-performance web applications that meet your needs. Furthermore, we have expertise in integrating advanced features such as APIs, cloud services, and security solutions to ensure that your web application is robust and secure.

Testing and quality Assurance

A meticulous testing process is crucial for delivering a flawless web application. We implement various testing methods, including automated testing and manual review, to identify and address any issues. Our quality assurance also encompasses performance testing and security audits, ensuring a fast, stable, and secure web application that meets all user requirements and expectations.

Why a Web Application?

In today's digital era, it's increasingly common for businesses to opt for web application development, a natural progression given the widespread use of the internet. Web applications offer several advantages and can positively impact both a company's visibility and profitability. Furthermore, a web application serves as an excellent complement to a company website, especially when optimized for various devices.


Using a Cloud-Based Business System

Cloud services, or simply "the cloud," mean that you can use your business system over the internet instead of having it on your own computer, allowing you to access it from anywhere in the world. We at Develit ensure that using it is easy and secure.

Comprehensive expertise in web development

Develit represents extensive expertise in web and system development, positioning us as your go-to IT partner and web agency. We provide a wide range of services, including e-commerce solutions, payment systems, API integrations, as well as security and system customizations for finance and inventory management. Our expertise ensures that we can address your most complex requirements with innovative and tailored solutions.

We prioritize staying up-to-date with the latest technology to deliver superior results. As your partner in digitalization, we are here to support you through every step – from concept to implementation. Our goal is to exceed expectations by combining technical expertise with our passion for development. When you need assistance, Develit is ready to provide expertise and commitment to your project.

Comprehensive expertise in web development

Enhance customer experience with CRM System

CRM system is an abbreviation for Customer Relationship Management system. It's simply a system that connects the customer and the supplier, placing the customer and their experience at the forefront. A good CRM system is a must for a growing business. The system not only fosters increased customer loyalty but can also contribute to both improved profitability and reduced costs. With the help of the system, all customer data is consolidated in one place, providing a complete overview of customer activity. CRM is a valuable asset when it comes to customer management as well as providing excellent support and customer service.

ERP system for the company's administrative functions

ERP system stands for Enterprise Resource Planning system and is a broad term, essentially meaning a business system. Our IT consultants and software developers build ERP systems that are tailor-made for you and the needs of your business. A good business system simplifies workflows, administration, and logistics within your company. Develit assists you in building your ERP system from the ground up. The system can handle functions such as production, project management, accounting, finances, inventory management, logistics, and much more.

WMS for tailored warehouse management

WMS, or Warehouse Management System, is essential for modern warehouse management. At Develit, we create customized WMS solutions that precisely match your specific needs. Our goal is to optimize your warehouse workflows and enhance efficiency through systems that easily integrate with other tools and are enhanced with smart AI features and tracking services. With our support, your warehouse becomes more dynamic, flexible, and ready to tackle both today's and tomorrow's challenges. Develit is your partner in building a WMS that handles everything from inventory to logistics with precision and insight.

Secure and efficient IT operations

At Develit, we offer expertise in secure and seamless IT operations for the applications we develop for our clients, whether it's cloud solutions like AWS and Azure or on-premises servers. We ensure that the operation of your application is both secure and efficient, guaranteeing a stable and reliable service. By choosing us, you not only gain access to cutting-edge hosting, but also a partner dedicated to actively safeguarding your applications and data. We monitor your infrastructure closely, optimize performance, and defend your digital presence from security threats. Continuous backups and constant readiness are at the core of our service.

Why should you choose us?

We are a team with extensive experience in the IT industry, capable of helping you create user-friendly systems and build up your profitable businesses. With our focus on service, deep technical expertise, and competitive pricing, we can turn your ideas into modern and functional products. We work under confidentiality - all communication (phone, email, meeting) remains between us.

GDPR-compliant solutions

All our development and data management are conducted in accordance with the GDPR law. This means, among other things, that all information is stored on our servers in Sweden. When we initiate a collaboration, we prepare a Data Processing Agreement (DPA) to ensure that guidelines and regulations are followed.


More about our processes

Here you can read more about our system development and the processes that have been established and refined together with our customers over decades of experience.

Customer Case Study

Discover more about how our customers experience collaborating with us.


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Any questions or concerns?

Our representatives are always available to answer your questions and assist you in navigating through your development goals.