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Digital Car Auction

With Cardia, you can focus on selling cars and let our comprehensive solution handle all administrative tasks for your business. In our service, you can do everything from managing purchases, sales, direct registration, direct access, testing of purchase cars, selling trade-in cars at auction, accepting payments from customers through bank transfers or financing, printing price tags, filling out inventory declarations, and creating agreements with Mobile BankID.

The mission

The assignment was to plan, create, and continuously operate the entire Cardia digital solution, servers, and infrastructure. The project today consists of a website, a web system, and a mobile application that should work on both iOS and Android platforms.

Cardia is a complex service that connects several market actors, such as the Swedish Transport Agency, vehicle inspections, warranty and insurance companies, banks, and other financial institutions.

The most crucial part of the assignment was to create the system's architecture in a way that enables efficient digital collaboration with the aforementioned actors. The system had to ensure secure data management, comply with GDPR directives, and have a security system that is self-learning in detecting fraudulent attempts.


Group 1 (1)

Develit's solution

We were approached by Cardia's CEO, who had a well-thought-out idea for a better digital service for private car sales. What was needed was a team of skilled developers and professionals who could help combine collaboration between many major actors into a single application.

The assignment began with planning, description, and model development. Two months later, we had a finalized concept and could start the development process.

During the six-month journey, the appearance and functionality of Cardia's application underwent several changes in line with feedback and requirements from collaboration partners. It was a significant challenge to quickly respond to them, implement changes, and meet planned deadlines.

We successfully completed all aspects of the assignment, and the service is now available at

Enjoy a pleasant car buying experience with Cardia!




Cardia AB



Used technologies

PHP, JS, Vue.JS, Ionic, React Native
MySQL, Reddis

"Develit has truly facilitated the development of Cardia. By understanding our ideas and thoughts, the process has been incredibly smooth. Today, two years later, Cardia, with the help of the Develit team, has gone from a business idea to a business system used daily by hundreds of car dealers. I highly recommend Develit. Their team of competent, creative, and unpretentious individuals will facilitate your development."

Anni Mowlid CEO at Cardia AB

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