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Reliable support to cover all your needs - with Develit by your side, you gain access to expertise and quick assistance for all technical challenges. We offer tailored solutions and fast response times to ensure your business can always keep growing.

Our commitment to Service-Level Agreement (SLA)

At Develit, we recognize that tailored and personalized support is crucial to providing reliable IT solutions. Therefore, we customize our Service-Level Agreement (SLA) to directly meet the unique needs of each business we collaborate with. Our ambition is to provide a support experience that not only meets but exceeds your expectations, ensuring a service that is as individual as your business.

Our SLA agreement ensures a secure and predictable support environment for the development of new projects, the support of existing resources, and the evolution of your solutions. We strive to provide fair terms, competitive prices, accurate delivery times, and fast response times for all our clients. We place great importance on valuing and prioritizing the needs, preferences, and requests of our existing customers to ensure the highest possible level of service and satisfaction.

Reliable Expertise

Our professional support covers everything from hardware and development to server operations. You can always rely on receiving qualified assistance with your IT needs. Choosing us as your one-stop-shop provides the advantage of improved internal communication within our team, resulting in faster and more insightful help for your company's unique IT environment.

Customized Service Agreements

Our flexible Service-Level Agreements (SLA) are tailored to precisely match the needs of your business. We understand that every operation has unique requirements, and as such, we customize our agreements to include everything from project development and ongoing support to the evolution of your solutions. With Develit, you don't just get a provider – you gain a partner committed to your long-term success, ensuring you always have access to the service and support needed to grow and thrive.

24/7 global support

Thanks to our employees spread across multiple time zones worldwide, we offer support and monitoring around the clock. This means that we are always available to assist you, even during the most inconvenient times in Sweden. Our global presence ensures that you are never alone with your IT challenges.

Support in your language

As a multicultural company, we understand the importance of communication. Therefore, we offer support in Swedish, English, and other languages as needed. Our multilingual team ensures that you receive assistance in a language you are comfortable with, facilitating efficient and understandable service.

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Accuracy and integrity

We place great emphasis on maintaining the highest standards of accuracy and integrity in our SLA agreements. We take into account our customers' needs and preferences to ensure that the SLA agreement is tailored to their business and objectives.

Communication and Transparency

We believe in open communication and transparency when it comes to SLA. We keep our clients informed of any changes to our services and delivery times. Additionally, we provide regular reports and meetings to evaluate and enhance our SLA. When an issue or question arises, our support team is ready to act quickly and efficiently to minimize disruptions and maximize customer satisfaction. We prioritize all SLA-related matters and work swiftly to resolve any issues.

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Why should you choose us?

We are a team with extensive experience in the IT industry, capable of helping you create user-friendly systems and build up your profitable businesses. With our focus on service, deep technical expertise, and competitive pricing, we can turn your ideas into modern and functional products. We work under confidentiality - all communication (phone, email, meeting) remains between us.

GDPR-compliant solutions

All our development and data management are conducted in accordance with the GDPR law. This means, among other things, that all information is stored on our servers in Sweden. When we initiate a collaboration, we prepare a Data Processing Agreement (DPA) to ensure that guidelines and regulations are followed.


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