Development team

A dedicated team for your projects

We can help you organize a dedicated team of skilled developers from Ukraine that suits your needs perfectly at a fixed monthly price per skill. With a smaller cost per hour and by having people who work only with your projects full time, our customers get significantly more value for money in the form of results and flexibility compared to fixed price solutions or development on an ongoing invoice.

The right skills at the right price

We offer you help with putting together a team and finding the right skills for your specific projects. We have both more and less experienced developers at your service. All teams are assigned a business analyst and a project manager who speak fluent English and help you keep the team’s productivity and organization at the highest possible level.

A worry-free experience

Develit Ltd. guarantees Swedish standards. Hiring a team from us means a worry-free experience! Our lawyers produce customized service agreements where all our obligations, liability for errors and warranty issues are clearly described. We also formulate a special confidentiality agreement to protect your data and your privacy as well as an agreement for the disclosure of personal data to protect you and your projects by the GDPR directives. With an SLA agreement, we offer you worry-free, world-class management of your projects on our dedicated virtual servers at Amazon in Stockholm or on your existing platforms. Develit is fully responsible for the staffing and equipment of your team. We provide the developers’ equipment and software licenses and provide access to our development, communication and organization tools such as Slack, Jira and Google Workspace, as well as our development servers, where work done can be presented and tested without affecting production flow. If it turns out that a team member does not fit into your project or quits for various reasons, we replace the team member with a new one completely free of charge. Develit Inc. will also settle sick pay and holiday pay. All this is offered at a fixed monthly price per team.

Start and management

First we listen to your ideas and analyze your needs to get the best possible understanding of what skills would be needed for your particular projects. Setting up a team will usually take about 6 weeks, as we most carefully screen your potential team members and choose the ones who are most skilled and have the as suitable experience as possible for your particular project. A team agreement will run for at least 6 months with a notice period of 2 months. In the meantime, we perform continuous analyzes and evaluate team performance to keep it at the highest possible level. We can always help you expand the team with more skills on an ongoing basis if the need arises. As a team customer, you will also, if necessary and on the current invoice at a discounted price, get access to all our other competencies, such as various developers, designers, copywriters, marketers, testers, project managers, business and data analysts and CEO optimizers.  

Interested or have thoughts?

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Why choose us?

We are a team with wide experience of the IT industry that can help you create user-friendly systems, build your business and make them profitable. With our focus on service, deep technical competence and competitive prices, we can help you realize your ideas and create modern and functional products.

GDPR-secured solutions

All our development and data management takes place in accordance with the GDPR law. This means, among other things, that all information is saved on our servers in Sweden. When we initiate a collaboration, we prepare a personal data assistant agreement (PUB agreement) to ensure that guidelines and rules are followed.

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