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Digital revision system

WeAudit's job is to make business easier as much as they can: With the help of modern technology, knowledgeable employees, and automated processes, their customers receive affordable services and predictable costs in a way that makes it easier for them.

The mission

The mission was to develop a web-based and mobile-friendly system to take auditing to the next level of digitalization by offering WeAudit's clients and accounting firms the opportunity to collaborate in the cloud, follow auditing processes, respond to cases, upload documents, sign with BankID, and more.

Using smart automation technologies, learning algorithms, and simple rules, the system assists auditors in pre-creating cases, reminding about delays, monitoring the entire process, and communicating directly with WeAudit's backend system using WauBoten!

MyAudit handles sensitive documents and information, therefore digital security was an important requirement in the project.


Develit's solution

We were contacted by WeAudit's CEO who had a brilliant vision for an improved audit process, making it more modern, digital, and partially automated. He had an idea and a rough understanding of how the system could potentially look and function.

That's where we stepped in and helped with structuring the idea and features, creating the design, developing prototypes, and building all the services, as well as providing continuous IT support for the system on our secure servers.

The system is up and running, and thousands of WeAudit customers and partners use it daily to navigate through the complexities of the audit process.

To access the system, one must become a WeAudit customer and receive an invitation, which we highly recommend if you're looking for an audit firm. WeAudit is an amazing agency with highly skilled auditors:





Q1 2023

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"Develit has a brilliant ability to understand our business and quickly produce and iterate high-fidelity prototypes, which saved us a lot of time. They solved our complex problems with high creativity and then built an amazing product for us that makes us unique in the market."

Henrik Ahnkron CEO and Product Owner at WeAudit

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