MVP – prototype on the way to a finished system

MVP stands for Minimum Viable Product and is an early version of a service or product. The purpose is simply to confirm an idea and make it more concrete. We at Develit often develop an MVP version of the product and to then gradually improve it in a real production environment.

MVP has several uses

We at Develit can create prototypes for several different uses. Firstly, you start by producing user stories and models to produce a technical specification that is easy to understand for programmers as well as potential users and investors. Sometimes that preparatory work is enough to speed up the project and move on to the next step, which we give some examples of below.

Web systems

You can build a web system based on known technologies with well-functioning core functions to test an idea but without putting much emphasis on advanced design, responsiveness, monitoring, logging and other things that are used in high-load systems in production. In this way, you will save both time and money, whi le the system can be further developed as the company grows and gets new needs.

Mobile applications

Mobile applications The world of mobile applications is very complicated with many different platforms and millions of different devices with different features and settings. Therefore it often costs more to develop mobile applications than web systems. A good idea might be to start with an MVP version – a hybrid application built with Ionic or React Native. That way, you only use one technology that works with all platforms, which means that you will save development costs. Well-known applications such as Facebook and Instagram use React Native in their production environments.


It's always a good start to start testing your ideas and expectations on the design, both for apps and web systems, using models, which are then converted into clickable prototypes created in Sketch or Marvel App. That way, you get a very detailed overview and can determine what the system should look like and how a user flow should work – before we start producing the product.

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