Our services


Tailor-made business systems according to your needs

We develop systems that are specially adapted to your needs and simplify the work process, administration and logistics within your company, for example systems for CRM, production, project management, accounting and finance, inventory management and logistics.


Advanced cloud solutions and web systems

The products we develop are usually cloud-based, so you have access to them no matter where you are in the world. Smooth and safe use of these systems is a matter of course for us.



We can both create complete e-commerce solutions that meet your needs and further develop your existing systems. We can implement payment solutions, inventory and shipping management, reporting etc.


Mobile applications for different platforms

We specialize in modern tools like React Native, PhoneGap and Ionic. With the help of these technologies, we are able to create a common solution that works on iOS, Android and Windows.


Data encryption and security solutions

We provide technology that encrypts your network connections and ensures that no unauthorized person can access your data. We constantly follow all updates in data security and apply them in all our systems.


Websites at all levels

Depending on your needs, we can create everything from a simple but professional website to a complex and interactive web portal with, e.g., advanced calculations, booking system and help desk.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is about making your website easy to understand for both visitors and search engines. We help your website to get as high as possible in organic searches.


Graphic and UI/UX design

Design makes a difference. That is why we attach great importance to a well-thought-out and unique design that makes your company stand out. That contributes to more effective marketing as well as an improved customer experience.


Troubleshooting, customization and data analysis

We can help you with troubleshooting and adaptation of your existing systems. We collect data and logs, analyze them and prepare a detailed report on errors and vulnerabilities and how the systems can be improved.


IT operations

If you need proficient IT support and proficient support for your web systems or sites, you should hire us. We will constantly check, backup and update your systems and keep them safe and functional.

GDPR-secured solutions

All our development and data management takes place in accordance with the GDPR law. This means, among other things, that all information is saved on our servers in Sweden. When we initiate a collaboration, we prepare a personal data assistant agreement (PUB agreement) to ensure that guidelines and rules are followed.

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