Ordering process

The first meeting

During the first meeting (nowadays we prefer a video meeting), you tell us about your needs or your idea (we can sign a confidentiality agreement for your safety) to create an overall picture of what you want. After the meeting, we send an approximate price image for the project with various suggestions. Usually you can choose between a fixed price for the project or a dedicated team for the execution of the project, which usually gives you much more value for money and more flexibility. If you become interested, we will move on to the next phase.

The discovery phase

During the discovery phase, you work closely with those of our business analysts who are best suited for your particular project. They will listen to your needs and ideas, ask some questions and finally summarize your project in a technical way. If you want to, a designer can be involved to prepare some wire frames or even a clickable prototype to get a deeper insight into the functionality of the project. As projects usually differ a lot in terms of details, this work is invoiced continuously according to the number of working hours. After the preparatory work is completed, you own all the results that have been produced.

Calculations and suggestions

The end result is evaluated, discussed and analyzed by our most skilled developers, and a time estimate is made. Then we plan all steps in the process and delivery time for each part. After that, we send a detailed quote with various suggestions.


After you have chosen the proposal that suits you best, we produce some legal agreements such as service agreements, where all our obligations, liability for errors and warranty issues are clearly described. We also produce a special confidentiality agreement to protect your data and your privacy as well as an agreement for the disclosure of personal data to protect you and your projects in accordance with the GDPR directives. With an SLA agreement, we offer you worry-free, world-class management of your projects on our dedicated virtual servers at Amazon in Stockholm or on your existing platforms.


If you choose a dedicated team
We start looking for new talents and coordinate our staff to gather the team that will perform best in your specific projects. Starting a dedicated team usually takes between one and two months. In the meantime, our business analysts and and project managers prepare all the necessary documentation and all environments, and our designers begin to come up with various suggestions for appearance.

If you choose a fixed price
After approval, we introduce the project to our team and begin the work. We start production and put all the focus on meeting your requirements and expectations. During the process, the project manager will keep in touch with you about the status of the project.


The next step is testing the product and checking that all functionality matches the order. After approval by our designers for quality assurance and user experience, you will get access to the beta version to test and approve the product before delivery. If you have a dedicated team, a designer for quality assurance is usually included in the team full time or at 50%.


Finally we deliver and install the product as agreed, on your or our platforms. We have our own reliable and powerful servers that we can offer at favorable prices for our customers.

Server solution
Most often, a reliable server solution is needed for the system to work. There are two options::

  1. We place the code on your servers, which will incur a cost of installation and configuration.
  2. We place the code on our own servers at a good price, which we produce tailor-made according to your needs. All operations, all updates and all installations are included in the package.

We only offer package two to those of our customers who order development of a system or an application from us.

Delivery of the application
When the application is fully developed and tested on different platforms and devices by our quality assurance engineers, we deliver it to either our or your app store as agreed.

Delivery of design
When the product is ready, we deliver the design in the format you want, including all original files.


We produce a service level agreement adapted specially for you. It usually includes services such as maintenance, technical support, telephone advice, software updates and security solutions.

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GDPR-secured solutions

All our development and data management takes place in accordance with the GDPR law. This means, among other things, that all information is saved on our servers in Sweden. When we initiate a collaboration, we prepare a personal data assistant agreement (PUB agreement) to ensure that guidelines and rules are followed.