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Web-based payment service

Sejf is a solution to ensure a secure transaction between individuals and craftsmen. In an industry where there is great confusion about what is right, what individuals should consider when purchasing services, and who can be trusted, it is difficult to make it secure on your own. There is equal complexity for craftsmen to conduct secure transactions with individuals as there is for individuals to hire reliable craftsmen. Sejf acts as a mediator to make service purchases safer and more secure for everyone.

The mission

The assignment was to plan, create, and continuously operate Sejf's entire digital solution, servers, and infrastructure. The project consists of a few web pages, a web system, and a mobile application that should function on both iOS and Android. Since Sejf operates in both Sweden and Norway, where the system's functionality needs to be adapted to each country's laws and regulations, this adds extra complexity.

The system must integrate with external services such as BankID (authorization), Signicat (digital signing of quotes), and Trustly (payment services). It must have secure data management, comply with GDPR directives, and have a self-learning security system against fraudulent attempts in accordance with anti-money laundering regulations.

Everything should be done according to the customer's own design presented in Sketch.

Group 2 (3)

Develit's solution

It all started when Sejf's CEO hired us to investigate and verify the work of their previous IT partner, who couldn't complete the assignment within a reasonable time. The task was to implement the integration with Signicat to be able to send PDF documents for digital signing with BankID, and as a result, retrieve an encrypted PDF document with a verified signature (PAdES).

After gradually proving our competence, we took over all the development for Sejf Group's solution. We began by writing a complete technical documentation in the form of user stories and created clear mockups for the system.

Since the client had important deadlines that were mandatory to meet for their launch in Norway, we planned all the assignments in sprints, where the most crucial points for the launch were developed first. In parallel, we created websites for both Sweden and Norway.

For technologies, we chose WordPress as the engine for websites, Laravel for the system and APIs, and Ionic Framework for hybrid applications.

We met all the deadlines and gradually developed all their systems. We now also take responsibility for their IT infrastructure, hosting, and security. Sejf Group AB has been launched in both Sweden and Norway.



Sejf Group AB



Used technologies

PHP, JS, Ionic, Laravel, WordPress

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