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Towards the Future: Optimization of Uganda's Transport System with Advanced IT Solutions.

Develit's Role in Uganda's Technological Advancements

Digital Innovations Improve Service, Efficiency, and Quality

As developers, Develit's mission involves implementing and designing digital solutions to improve various aspects of Uganda's transportation system and related government functions. These solutions include software development to modernize the Department of Transport, establishing a smooth online booking system for the Uganda Revenue Authority, and creating advanced tracking technology for vehicles and equipment using cloud-based GPS and BLE systems. By combining their expertise in software and hardware development, Develit strives to create efficient, user-friendly, and reliable tools that transform the dynamics of the transportation system and support internal agency processes.

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Digitalization on Four Fronts

1. Innovative Software Solution in the Transport Sector with Advanced Security and Flexible Scalability

Develit has developed an innovative software solution for Uganda's Ministry of Works and Transport. By using modern technology in digital security, programming, and virtual technology, Develit has created a sophisticated solution that redefines the transport sector. The solution integrates advanced security such as encryption and biometric identification to protect vital information, while relying on scalable software and cloud-based infrastructure for smooth scaling. With a ten-year vision, Develit has created a sustainable foundation for Uganda's transportation system and the solution represents a groundbreaking digital innovation that symbolizes collaboration between countries and agencies.

2. Modern Online Booking: Easy Access to Vehicle Services

Through a modernized online booking platform, access to vehicle-related services in Uganda has been made easier than ever. With an intuitive platform and mobile application, citizens can easily book services such as registration, vehicle tax, and license application. Automated features such as scheduling, reminders, and payments have improved both the user experience and the administrative work of the URA. This innovative solution has created a more efficient and user-friendly service infrastructure that benefits both citizens and the agency.

3. Advanced Digital Platform Optimizes Vehicle Inspection and Registration

An advanced digital platform has been introduced to optimize the process of vehicle inspection and registration. Through this platform, vehicle owners can easily apply for inspection and fill in necessary information online. By coordinating systems with ASYCUDA, the platform enables seamless integration of customs-related matters with inspection and registration. This modernized method has improved both efficiency and user experience by reducing manual and time-consuming processes.

4. Vehicle Tracking: Advanced Hardware and Software Solution Changing the Tracking Landscape

A groundbreaking solution has been designed by Develit, which includes advanced hardware and software development for vehicle and tool tracking. The self-developed hardware with features such as 5G/LTE connectivity, GPS positioning, and BLE 5.3 scanning enables precise tracking and data aggregation. This versatile hardware is designed for robust performance, including battery operation and the use of an accelerometer and CAN adapter for extensive data collection. The accompanying software enables real-time monitoring, reporting, and complete transparency in vehicles and equipment, changing the rules of the game for vehicle and tool tracking.

Driven by the Future: Successful New Era in the Transport Sector

Our journey in Uganda has led to successful shaping of future IT solutions that pave the way for a modernized transportation system. By integrating state-of-the-art technologies such as digital security, scalable software development, and cloud-based infrastructure, we at Develit have created sustainable and highly effective solutions. Our focus on simplifying booking processes, digitizing vehicle inspections, and introducing advanced tracking technology marks a new era of IT use in the transport sector.

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